A Lasting Legacy

The Humanist Funeral Archive is a national collection of funeral tributes and photographs. It is the only one of its kind in the country. It is a way of preserving the life stories of people who have died and who have had funeral ceremonies conducted by Humanist UK celebrants.

The archive is curated by the Bishopsgate Institute, who manage many historical archives. They also look after all the historical documents for Humanists UK and are a well-respected organisation based in London. If you want to know more about the Bishopsgate Institute you can find them on-line at

The archive is a digital collection – that means that the documents within it – the funeral tributes – can be accessed on-line. They are available for on-line viewing by anyone who is interested. However, the Bishopsgate Institute has strict privacy tools in place (tested over many years), which means that people viewing the archive can see the entries but they are unable to change them.

The archive is an additional service to families which can be offered by Humanist UK celebrants.  There is no charge to families who wish to have a funeral tribute or photographs included in the archive. There is also no pressure on families to participate. 

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