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Planning a funeral

If you've found yourself here, then let me send you my deepest sympathies.  If you're planning a funeral for a friend or loved one, then I can help guide you through the process as much, or as little as you need. Whether you are planning a Cremation, Burial, Green Burial, Memorial Service, or are looking to pre-plan your own service, then I will work closely with you to build a ceremony that is both unique and memorable.



Where do you work?

Although I live in Ipswich and work predominantly in Suffolk, North Essex and South Norfolk, I am happy to travel further afield if families would like me to be their celebrant.

Do you only work in a crematorium?

While it is true that the majority of UK funerals are held in one of the 300+ crematoria in the UK, I am also experienced leading funeral ceremonies in cemeteries and green burial sites.  I am also available to help you plan a suitable memorial service which can be held in any location you feel is appropriate and is often separate to the funeral service itself.

Are you a funeral director?

No.  The role of a celebrant is a different one from that of a funeral director, however, I do work closely with your chosen funeral director to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

How do I book you for a service?

You have two choices.  You can either direct your chosen funeral director to appoint me as your chosen funeral celebrant or alternatively, you can contact me directly and I will liaise with your appointed funeral director as needed.

What happens when we book you for a ceremony?

When either you or your funeral director books me to conduct your funeral ceremony, the first thing that will happen is that I will ring you.  Usually within a day or two of you instructing your Funeral Director.  I will then come and meet you in a mutually convenient place (this is usually, but not necessarily at your home) for an hour or two to talk about the deceased and gather the details I need to write their life story.  I will then write up the story and send it back to you to check the details (names, dates etc) and when you are completely happy, then this will form the basis of the ceremony I will present on the day.  

On the day of the ceremony, I will be there to greet the mourners and the cortege and will conduct the ceremony for you.  I will have as much or as little involvement as you want.  

What do we need to do before your visit?

It would be helpful if you could have a think about these areas before I come to meet with the family.  These will help us with planning the ceremony.

  • Do you have anyone who would like to speak?

  • Do you have any preferred readings or poetry?

  • What music would you like played?  (What was their favourite piece of music?  Anything goes!)

  • If you are having a cremation, would you like the curtains to close, or would you prefer they remain open?

  • Do you have any extras you would like included? (perhaps a family member would like to play a piece of music, you would like a time for mourners to place flowers on the coffin etc).

You can find a more comprehensive list on my how to prepare for the family meeting page.

Can I pre-plan my ceremony with you?

Absolutely!  Whether you have been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, or you just want to make sure you have the send-off you want, I will be happy to work with you to craft your perfect ceremony.

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