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Marriage Ceremony

The perfect way to say "I Do"

Tying the Knot

Your ceremony your way!

What is a humanist ceremony anyway?

Simply put,  A humanist wedding is a non-religious ceremony that is personal and conducted by a Humanist celebrant. It is entirely hand-crafted and reflective of the values of the couple, conducted by a celebrant who shares their beliefs and values.

Is it legal?

At the moment, unfortunately, humanist ceremonies are not legal wedding ceremonies.  Don't let that put you off however, it's really easy to do the legal formalities at the registrar, then treat the humanist ceremony as the wedding!

What will it be like?

Well, anything goes!  If you want a traditional, formal ceremony, we can do that, if you want lots of fun and games, then we can do that too!  It's your ceremony, have it your way!  Anything goes!

What's next?

Well, to begin with, we can have a face to face meeting to check we are a good fit.  Once that happens, then we'll work together to craft your ideal ceremony.  Why not get in touch for a no-obligation chat?

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